Student Aid Appeal


I need someone to write a believable Satisfactory Academic Progress(SAP) Appeal Form. When I attended college in 2013-2014, I was young, immature, and unfocused. Now, at 27 years old I am taking my education more seriously due to exposure of real life. I basically need a paper pleading my case. My life rides on this.

” We understand that there are situations that could contribute to a student not meeting SAP.  For example, the death of a relative, an injury or illness of the student, or special circumstances are information that will tell us why you failed to make SAP. In the appeal, you must also tell us what has changed and demonstrate you can make SAP in the next evaluation.”
-Times New Roman 12in font
-Your name, address, phone
number, and the date you will
submit your appeal
-Appeal of (your name and
Student ID)
– Your salutation

Paragraph 1
State your request
– State your purpose
– 3 to 5 sentences
– Basic background information
– State what you want (ability to use Student Loans to finance my college education)
Paragraph 2 Make Your Case
– Longest paragraph
– 5 to 8 sentences
– Explain what happened in chronological order
– Use actual numbers and dates be specific
– List Reasons
– Indicate what you have done to remedy or rectify
the situation
– Remain calm and be professional
Paragraph 3 Justifying your appeal
– 3 -5 sentences
– Explain why you should be given another
– How are you going to accomplish your
– What changes did you make
– What you hope to accomplish
– Impact if you did not receive Financial Aid
Paragraph 4 Restate your request and
thank the reader
– Your closing paragraph
– 1- 2 sentences
– Summarize your request
– Restate your requested outcome
-Thank the committee for their consideration of
your appeal.