Literature Review

Literature Review: This summarizes what at least two other critics (your secondary sources) have said about the text and topic you are addressing. It should also explain how their arguments relate to yours. Hint: As weve discussed, its often very productive to work with at least one or two sources with which you disagree in whole or part. To receive credit, your lit review must be at least one-page double spaced with a separate works cited page. Title your document Literature Review.

Prompt:2.    Environmental/Social History: Though they come to different conclusions, Ursula Heise and John Gamber both assume that Through the Arc of the Rainforest is best understood in relationship to the history of environmentalism; specifically, regional and Romantic environmentalism. Aimee Bahng is more focused on the novels relationship to social histories of migration and imperialism. Write a paper that enters into the debate about the novels contexts. What do you think is more useful for illuminating the central concerns of the textdiscussion of environmentalism in a globalized age, or discussion of imperial legacies (like that of Fordlndia) and histories of migration? Choose a side or propose some middle position.

my secondary sources are on the source.pdf, pdf pages 88-114 and 116-135

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