You will need to conduct the following analysis + calculations for Royal Dutch Shell for accounting years 2015-2018.
You should do each calculations in excel and have the excel file included as an attachment as well as the doc. of the actual paper. When doing the calculations in excel you should create a graph to include in the actual paper and base your analysis of it.

              2.    Trend analysis
a.    Vertical analysis numbers
b.    Vertical analysis, analysis
c.    Horizontal analysis numbers
d.    Horizontal analysis, analysis
e.    Segment analysis numbers
f.    Segment analysis, analysis
g.    Summary findings
h.    Overall
            3.    Ratio analysis
a.    Definition ration analysis and five areas of analysis
b.    Performance ratios
c.    Liquidity ratio
d.    Efficiency ratio
e.    Investor ratios
f.    Lending ratios
g.    Summary findings

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