Frankenstien: Disturbance of nature, starting good and turning bad

Extended Literature Analysis with ResearchFor this assignment, you will write a 1,800 – 2,100 word paper which offers your own interpretation of the 1818 version (found in your Norton Critical edition) of the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Your essay should focus on a single theme, character, or symbol.Your writing task in this project will be primarily to analyze the literature at hand, to offer an original interpretation, and thereby to persuade the reader that your interpretation of the work is valid.  You will also be synthesizing sources using outside research.  Four articles of literary criticism (or other appropriate and relevant academic sources) should be properly incorporated and cited via MLA format to support your thesis. Required Font: Courier New 12 point fontPoints Possible: 225type the word count underneath the conclusionEssay Writing Guidelines: In this paper, you will present an analysis of one aspect of the novel.  Choose one theme, character, or symbol of the novel and interpret it in depth.  DO NOT attempt to analyze the entire novel in the duration of this paper.  Also, DO NOT attempt to compose a plot summary or book report. Assume the reader has read and understood the work. Instead, DO explain what you think the selections from the novel mean, and explain their significance. Research Requirements:Minimum of four (4) secondary sources, integrated into the body of the paper.Encyclopedias and dictionaries do not count. Sparknotes or similar references do not count as academic research. Research must be academically sound and must come from the campus library.  Most of you will be drawing sources from the literature databases, JSTOR, or history databases.You may use up to two articles from the Criticism or Contexts sections (see the table of contents) found in the Norton Critical edition. You may need to consult additional sources to learn about your topic, yet you need only cite four. In addition, you must evaluate your research for the following: authority, accuracy, currency, relevanceMLA 8th edition format including-Accurate MLA citations (in-text)– since we are using Courier New font, do not consider a quote a long quote until it reaches the 5th line in this class only-Accurate Works Cited pageSome notes on the body paragraphs: Body paragraphs should achieve depth including adequate evidence, example, analysis, explanation and support.  Support and evidence includes adequate quotes from the novel (estimate 1-2 brief selections per paragraph or page). Student avoids plot summary of the novel or research articles. Opposing viewpoints are addressed, if pertinent.  Content is original.